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Christian Dior | Haute Couture | Fall 2005
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yells about victorian boots

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" Life In Mono "

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“Anatomical Venus”  - Atlas Obscura

“La Specola” (Museo di Storia Naturale) : Florence, Italy
“Anatomical Venus”
by Clemente Susini Wax model with human hair and pearls in rosewood and Venetian glass case; Probably modeled by Clemente Susini (around 1790)

Much of my artwork, scholarship, and work with the Morbid Anatomy Blog and Library revolves around the luxuriously bizarre Anatomical Venus, a kind of female wax anatomical model popularized in the 18th century. Over the past six years, I have made it my goal to find — and photograph! — as many of these amazing pieces as possible, and to learn as much as I can about these lovely ladies, with a special eye towards understanding the historical moment in which they rose to prominence as the ideal way to illuminate the anatomy of woman for a popular audience. I was recently invited to contribute an article on this topic to the ”Enchantment” special issue of WSQ: Women’s Studies Quarterly. Below is an excerpt from this piece, “Ode to an Anatomical Venus,” and some of my photographs of these wax women.

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